A little about me

I'm a wifey, I love all things nature, so you'll often find me in my garden. Funnily enough my coffee order depends on my mood- its either a long black or a double shot almond cappuccino- there's no in-between!

I have had a camera in my hand as long as I can remember,  and have always found it so special being able to freeze a memory or a feeling in time, to be remembered forever- because moments in life are so fleeting.

There isn't much that gets me as emotional as seeing two people vow their love for each other or the father of the bride giving his heartfelt speech on the wedding day- you may see me looking for the tissues as I'm snapping those precious moments- its such a privilege to call this my job!

I absolutely cannot wait to capture YOUR precious memories, to be cherished, hung on the wall for your story remembered and retold for generations to come!!     


I'm Lara

Not just a photographer

-a visual storyteller


No love story is the same- Your unique journey will be captured to be shared for generations to come...